11/29/16: The new record is FINISHED... it is considerably far-out... more info to come...

Have you ever wondered whether or not you might be a sociopath, serial killer or murderer?
Sometimes people wonder what they are capable of, or what's normal.


Recording at Seaside Lounge 7/15:



Fletcher plays drums. He never said the band sounds like if Louis-Ferdinand Céline was a Motown staff writer.

Keith sings and plays guitar. He enjoys John Cassavetes, Sergio Leone, and Aki Kaurismäki movies... and good laughs.

Brother Reverend's EP, Louse Trap is also available as a limited edition 7" phonograph record.
SPECIAL BONUS INCENTIVE: The presing plant screwed up and pressed all the records off-center, so they don't sound very good! Yea!
*Click here to mailorder*

The EP- First Ripe, First Rotten is out of print.
So please stop asking... seriously, the servers crashed from all of your emails.

There's been over fifty different members of the group. Maybe one day YOU can too!

I should be able to get the alligators to dance to the tune of the pan pipe.




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